Monday, April 28, 2014

Wicked Pt.2

In the last post I tried to explain a little bit about the play Wicked, without giving away all the fun of course. I have to say this is my favorite musical of all time. And that means a lot because I watch a lot of musicals. The beautiful singing voices of all the characters is enough to make you shed tears of joy. The characters are different, complex, funny, and above all, completely relatable to anyone. The plot explains every question you could ever have about The Wizard Oz. Its extremely hard for me to talk about how amazing this play is without giving everything away. If you really want my opinion, go see it then contact me. I could literally go on for hours about this play. 

Wicked Pt. 1

This show is a spectacular example of a Broadway Classic. Its all about how the Wicked Witch of the West became wicked. Its an amazing twist off of the classic Wizard of Oz. Its full of magic, singing, dancing, and a barrel of  laughs. The story starts off with Oz celebrating the Death of the Wicked Witch. Then, the Good Witch comes down from her bubble and is asked about the Wicked Witches past. She then reveals that she went to school with the Wicked Witch. She tells the tail of the extraordinary life of those involved and how the present situation came to be. I would HIGHLY RECOMEND IT.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello fellow bloggers!!!!!!!! Yep its me :D Im excited and also terrified that this semester is almost over! Excited because im that much closer to my PhD, terrified because I have a lot of shit to finish up for this portfolio. Seeing as I only have one paper finished.....and its due Monday.....yyeeaahhh...So ANYWAY! Yep I also feel pretty good because im almost done with my blogs. After I see Wicked on Thursday, I will have finished my blogs. Other than that I really don't have much to say. Today we are just finishing up what needs to be done for our portfolios. Sweeny isn't even here. So its not like I can pick on him today. Other than the fact that he "lost" my paper then found it. Which I really do appreciate. That saved me a good amount of work that i don't have to do over. So.......Bye bye now :)

Adams Family Musical Pt.2

In Part one I decided to tell you a lil about the play that I had the pleasure of attending. In this blog I shall tell you about how I felt about the play. When I first heard about this musical I was a little skeptical. I always had an interest in The Adams Family movies and the Adams Family series, however, when I heard it was a musical immediately doubted its worth."The characters would have never sang," I had thought. However, my objections were shut down after the play began. The righters knew what they were doing, they worked in every single song beautifully and effortlessly. The characters still had their grim and twisted nature while still providing a lot of laughs. The choreography was amazingly well done while providing a great variety. If you are a fan of the Adams, then I would defiantly recommend this show. However, if you are not a fan, or not a fan of musicals in general, then I would save the money and skip the experience.

Adams Family Musical Pt. 1

For my mothers birthday, we decided to see a play in the Richmond area. This play was the Adams Family Musical. The musical was about Saturday, the daughter, falling in love with a young man. Saturday was very conflicted with this, seeing as she always found pleasure from pain and destruction. All of a sudden Saturday was getting enjoyment from things like "happiness" and "flowers" and "goosey, feely, mushy stuff."  Before she knew it her young lover proposed marriage to her. Of course, she accepts the proposal, however, decides to hide it from her family. The only person in her family that is aware of the engagement is her father, Gomez. This, however, creating a problem with Gomez and his wife, Mortisha. Mortisha is well aware that Gomez is hiding something from here, after they promised to never lie to her. On top of that, Saturday invites her lovers, overly perfect, family over for dinner. This leads to a chaotic scene where the families clash. Will Saturday marry her true love? Get tickets at the Richmond Theater n find out.

Monday, March 24, 2014

  Once again I figured I would create my post while class is going on. It may not be exciting, however, its the only way the bog will get done, due to my busy schedule. Only nine students are in attendance today. The PowerPoint is very cute. Despite the slides changing constantly, it was well put together and showed that a lot of effort was made in it. However, it is pretty obvious who worked within the group and who did not. After the groups wonderful presentation, we discussed process memos. It is 10:33 and I have finished my process memo #2 and am not sure what to do next. Well, other than the obvious of righting this blog. I may just start to watch Pewdiepie again in a few min, just because I have absolutely no idea what to right next. I do wish Sweeny would give us back our rough drafts soon, so I may finish this paper and get it off my plate. Well Sweeny just gave the OK to go sooooooooo. Yep. Bye :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

  Todays class was very fun. I very much enjoyed the grammar lesson. The bingo idea was a good one, though, I believe it could have been applied better. I also believe some of the answers were wrong for it. A lot of the Passives were Actives and vise versa. However, it was still very fun and a very good idea. Plus the game after was really funny. It was cool to see everyone having fun and bonding in class. For it being the day before spring break, the class was very fun.